We’ve put together some of our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) along with answers that you may find useful. If you’re looking for an answer to a question you can’t see listed, please just contact us and we’ll be in touch. We may even feature your question on our FAQs page to help customers in the future.

Glamourati products are currently available directly from us through this website. We also have stands at various equestrian events, and these will be listed on our events page and Facebook posts. We now sell through other equestrian websites and locations around the world and you can check our stockists page to see if there are other locations near you. If you have a business that would like to stock our products, please check out our trade enquiries page.

Designs applied with our clear adhesive can last up to 48hrs or more with the right care and can be very easily and quickly removed using water and a sponge/brush. For best results, we advise you wash off your glitter quarter mark within 48hrs to avoid any possible risk of irritation.

Short-haired/clipped/thoroughbreds are best although the quarter marks do work on all hair length. Make sure the area is clean and dry with no grooming products on prior to application. For very best results, wait for 5-6 days after clipping to ensure the adhesive is applied to the hair and not the skin. Some horses with greasy and oily coats may need shampooing and drying prior to application as the level of oil in their coats can repel the adhesive.

Glamourati take the safety of your horse, and indeed that of all horses and animals very seriously. Months and months of research, product development and testing took place until we were happy with the result and the safety of the product.

Firstly, we do not use craft glues, craft glitters or indeed any product that is not of the highest cosmetic grade for humans. We would not apply products to horses that we would not be happy to apply to ourselves. Secondly, our adhesive is water-based, non-toxic and of cosmetic grade. Thirdly, our STARDUST glitters are NOT metallic and are specially cut to ensure there are no sharp edges or burrs. Finally, having discussed and shown the product to vets, they have advised that, as the product does not touch the skin and merely sits on the surface of the hair, it is completely safe. The length of time the design stays on the hair should have no ill effect on the horse or their hair but we always recommend a patch test before use and advise you remove the tattoo within 48hrs of application as, like humans, some horses are more sensitive to products than others.

Couldn’t be easier – the joy of these designs is that our stencils are really high quality with great detail. You stick on the stencil, apply the special adhesive, dab on the stardust glitter with the applicator sponge and then remove the stencil…..done! Full step-by-step instructions (with photographs) are included with all kits and on our website. An instructional video is also available on our You Tube channel.

The full 50ml pots should do 20-25 of our small tattoos and up to 20 medium.

Glamourati glitter quarter marks applied using our clear, water-based adhesive can be simply and quickly removed using a wet sponge and brush. Simply wet thoroughly and wipe/brush off until no residue remains. Then allow to dry completely. For best results, we advise you wash off your glitter quarter mark within 48hrs to avoid any possible risk of irritation.

The LONGSTAY adhesive (which is no longer available as at March 2015) glitter quarter marks can be removed by soaking with very warm water and rubbing with a wet cloth or towel and grooming brush. To speed up the process, soaking with Fairy Liquid also helps. The method we use to remove our horse designs is as follows:

  • Get a bucket of very warm water (as warm as your horse finds comfortable) and put a towel in the bucket.
  • Take the towel out of the bucket and hold over the design. Repeat 3-4 times until the area is totally soaked.
  • Use the wet towel to rub and peel off the design.
  • Repeat until removed.

Designs applied with our LONGSTAY adhesive take around 15 minutes to remove.
You can use our STAYAWAY remover gel to help remove stubborn remnants.

Alternatively, you can clip off the tattoo should you prefer.

Not really. If you are careful when you apply them and don’t use too much excess adhesive on the stencil edges, you can remove it carefully and then place it onto another area/horse straight away, but you wouldn’t be able to save it for use another time as the top sheet and backing sheet would need to be re-applied. Our stencils are one of the main reasons the glitter tattoos look so amazing. The detail of the design, combined with the particular type of self-adhesive backing means you get a perfect finish with no blurry edges. If you try to re-use them, the quality of your tattoo will be greatly reduced.

Although there are various paints, gels,sprays and chalks on the market allowing you to decorate your horse, they do not have the same glitter intensity and crisp finish. Stencil designs from other companies are considerably simpler with no stability sheet to aid application and the gels and paints can sometimes be very thick and gloopy. This results in a blurry design that can often be relatively transparent and some products can leave a bumpy crust which flakes off easily. Glamourati glitter tattoos are essentially 100% glitter…there is no gel or paint involved which means a massively more twinkly result, with super crisp and creative designs. There is no colour transfer to you or your horse.

You can also easily blend our glitter colours during application for stunning graduations and detail. Gels and paints cannot be used for this effect.

We get asked this a lot and the answer is technically yes. However, we would like to point out that dogs are well known for licking and eating things they are not supposed to! For that reason, and until we are happy that full tests, trials and veterinary approval has been obtained, we do not recommend the product for use on dogs or other animals at this time.

Yes we do, for more information on selling our products, please check out our trade enquiries page.

Yes. If you order on our website, we are happy to ship anywhere in the world and your shipping rates can be estimated in your basket. We now have some retailers and websites in other countries, so please check our stockist page for details. We are currently looking for retailers around the world, so if you would like to sell our products in your country, please check out our distributor enquiries page.